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Basic Mixology Certificate of Completion

The Basic Mixology Certification curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the art and science of mixology. The program encompasses a comprehensive range of topics, ensuring a well-rounded education that covers both theory and practical skills.

Apprentice Mixology Degree

The Apprentice Mixology Degree curriculum is a continuation of the Basic Program that assists in enhancing the previously established foundation of the art and science of mixology. The program encompasses further development in broader spirits and ends with technique and tool identification.

Certified Mixologist Degree

Now that a foundation has been established, the Certified Mixologist Degree (Journeyman Mixologist) combines the knowledge and technique into practical exercise. This program will encompass a wide variety of recipes and how to create them. These recipes serve as your launchpad into your own future cocktail creations!

Rum Expert Degree

The Expert Mixologist curriculum is an intensive and specialized program designed for individuals who are already experienced mixologists and seek to reach the pinnacle of their craft. This curriculum offers an advanced level of education and training, focusing on honing skills, expanding knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of mixology innovation.

Master Mixology Degree

The Master Mixologist curriculum is an elite and prestigious program designed for experienced professionals who have already achieved a high level of expertise in the field of mixology. This curriculum offers an advanced and comprehensive education that focuses on mastery, innovation, and leadership within the world of mixology.

Debuting in 2024.

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