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Elevate your mixology skills with our online school, where expert-led courses and virtual classes bring the art of cocktail crafting to your fingertips. Join us to master the art of mixology, unleash your creativity, and shake up the world of drinks from the comfort of your own home; at a pace you can control.
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Why Empire Mixology University?


Students can access course materials and lessons at their own convenience, allowing them to learn at their own pace and fit their studies around their existing commitments, such as work or family obligations.


The knowledge you want, at the price you want. Here at Empire Mixology University we have no tuition fees; students purchase the course they want or bundle multiple classes if they choose. 

Diverse Course Catalog

Our catalog diversity enables students to tailor their education to their specific needs, whether they want to focus on craft cocktails, specific spirits, or bar management. 

Self-Paced Courses

Students can revisit challenging concepts, spend extra time on areas of interest, or accelerate their learning if they grasp the material quickly. 

Become a Spirits Expert

Forge your own path and become an expert in what YOU find interesting in the wide-world of Mixology.
Some of our planned Expert Certification courses are:









Meet Your Empire Mixology Faculty

At our mixology school, we take pride in our exceptional faculty comprised of renowned mixologists and industry professionals, who bring a wealth of expertise, creativity, and passion to the virtual classroom, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience that will ignite your bartending career and elevate your cocktail craftmanship to new heights.
Branka Miric Sgroi, Anthony Sgroi, Robert Sgroi, and James Forsyth
are fully qualified mixologists with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

Meet Beatriz

Advance your mixology skills now!

Unlock the art of mixology from the comfort of your own home, with our flexible and comprehensive online courses that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to craft extraordinary cocktails and elevate your bartending career!
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