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Rum Connoisseurship: Tasting, Evaluating, and Appreciating

This advanced course is designed for enthusiasts and professionals seeking to elevate their understanding and appreciation of rum to expert levels. Throughout this course, participants delve deep into the intricate world of rum, refining sensory skills, evaluating quality, and exploring the diverse cultural and historical contexts that shape this beloved spirit.

From advanced tasting techniques to exploring regional variations, participants gain a nuanced understanding of rum production, flavor profiles, and the impact of aging and blending. 

Anthony Sgroi
Master Mixologist


Rum Expert


9 Sections
(Minus Introduction)


1 Test
-5 Attempts, Timed


Self Study



What's included?

  • 9 Chapters
  • 1 Examination
  • 20 Questions
  • 5 Attempts to Pass
  • 30 Minute Exam

Refine Your Palate.

Master advanced tasting techniques and deepen your sensory skills to discern the subtle nuances of rum flavors, aromas, and textures like never before.

Expert Guidance.

Benefit from expert-led discussions and guided tastings as you explore the rich history, diverse regional variations, and cultural significance of rum, gaining invaluable insights to become a true rum connoisseur.
Meet the instructor

Anthony R. Sgroi

Anthony Sgroi, a master mixologist with over a decade of experience in the cocktail industry, is the passionate and knowledgeable instructor leading our mixology courses. Known for his expertise, creativity, and dedication to the craft, Anthony is a true authority in the world of mixology and an invaluable mentor to aspiring cocktail enthusiasts.
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